Property Tax for Rural Dwellers Must Relate to Public Services

IFA Deputy President Eddie Downey has said the level of property tax for rural dwellers must relate to the extent of public services available to them.

“The Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan says he wants to implement a progressive and fair property tax. If he is true to his word, then the charge should be lower for households in the countryside compared to urban areas, as they enjoy fewer services.”

Eddie Downey said rural dwellers have a higher cost of living and should not be penalised further by having to pay the same as those living in areas that can avail of a wider range of public services. “The carbon tax is an example of a charge that cannot be avoided by people living in the countryside, as they need their own transport. The household levy should not discriminate against rural dwellers.”

Mr Downey said IFA would be making a submission to the Expert Group set up by Minister Hogan, to make them aware of the concerns of farm families and the wider rural community.

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