IFA Meet Eu Parliament Agricultural Committee and Meps in Strasbourg on Cap 2013


IFA President John Bryan had a positive meeting with the Chairman of the European Parliament Agricultural Committee Mr. Paulo De Castro in Strasbourg today on CAP 2013. John Bryan welcomed the strong support from the Parliament’s Agricultural Committee on securing a full agricultural budget for the CAP post 2013.

In addition, John Bryan said Mr. De Castro and his Committee are very strong on the need that the CAP Reform must provide member states with flexibility on the SFP payment model and resolve the issues on Greening and market supports.

John Bryan said the Committee are very aware of the problems with the Ciolos CAP Reform plans for Irish farmers and the need to find solutions in any final outcome.

The IFA President said the Parliaments Agricultural Committee made it clear European agricultural production, food security, strong rural development and employment must be at the centre of the final CAP Reform outcome.

At a meeting with Irish MEPs, the IFA President provided a comprehensive briefing on the issues and concerns of Irish farmers and the agricultural sector with the Ciolos CAP 2013 plans. He said it is vitally important that the key issues for Irish farmers on the CAP budget, the rejection of flat payments, the payment model, greening, the 2014 reference year and other issues are fully reflected in all the communication and reports from the Parliament on CAP.

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