IFA Executive Council to Discuss Fiscal Compact Referendum


IFA President John Bryan said he would be presenting the details of the referendum on the Fiscal Compact to a special meeting of the IFA Executive Council next Tuesday, April 3rd.
John Bryan said the members of the Executive Council would hold a full discussion, and would then issue a recommendation to the almost 90,000 members of the Association.

He said farm families have always shown strong support for the European Union and the Common Agricultural Policy, which has been very important in underpinning agricultural production and the rural economy in this country.

The IFA President said, “As a small open economy, Ireland benefits from membership of a stable currency regime. This prevents currency fluctuations and price uncertainty, improving access both to the Eurozone and other markets. This is of particular importance for our export-dependent sectors, such as agri-food, and is a key factor in attracting Foreign Direct Investment to Ireland.”

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