Farm Plastic Recycling Costs + Levy Reduced by 20% – Iffpg

IFFPG, the national <span>organisation</span> responsible for farm plastic recycling has announced a 20% reduction in the cost of recycling at bring centres and a 20% reduction in the levy charge.
Speaking at this week’s AGM, the Chairman Michael Slattery said, “IFFPG continues to review its costs and charges. As a not-for profit organisation we are pleased to continue to reduce our costs further this year. These cost reductions mean that almost €575,000 is being passed back in reduced recycling charges and levy.”
The cost of recycling, when the proof of levy paid code is produced at bring <span>centres,</span> will be €15 per half tonne and the levy is now €100 per tonne (€2.60 per roll).
The number of bring centres will increase to 200. The full list of all bring centres are available on the IFFPG website, and they will be advertised on local and national papers.
IFA’s National Environment + Rural Affairs Chairman Harold Kingston welcomed the announcement. “It is important that every cost in farming is reviewed and reduced and this cost saving is necessary and welcomed.”
Mr. Kingston added, “Farmers have a fantastic recycling record. 2011 was a milestone year in recycling for farmers, with a record 21,000 tonnes of plastic being recycled. The additional services offered at the IFFPG bring centres of collection and recycling of meal bags, chemical drums and other materials is also an important service for farmers.”  

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