IFA Executive Council Recommends Yes Vote on Fiscal Treaty Referendum


The Executive Council of the Irish Farmers’ Association has unanimously recommended a Yes vote to farm families in next month’s referendum on the Fiscal Treaty.
IFA President John Bryan said, “Following consideration of all the issues this afternoon, the members of the Executive Council decided unanimously it is in the best interests of farm families, their businesses, the rural economy, and the country, to vote Yes on May 31st.”

He said, “The members of the Executive Council recognise that it is a very difficult and uncertain time for everybody in the country at the moment. Farm families face serious challenges themselves, from CAP reform to the impact of national Budget decisions, rising costs and income pressures. However, the Council is clearly of the view that these and other issues must remain separate from the debate in the upcoming Referendum.”

John Bryan said farm families have always shown strong support for the European Union and the Common Agricultural Policy, and a Yes vote in the Referendum is very important in underpinning agricultural production, exports, jobs and the rural economy in this country.

The IFA President said, “As a small open economy, Ireland benefits from membership of a stable currency regime. This prevents price uncertainty, keeps interest rates low and improves access both to the Eurozone and other markets. This is of particular importance for our export-dependent sectors, such as agri-food, and is a key factor in attracting Foreign Direct Investment to Ireland.”

As part of IFA’s role in the campaign, John Bryan will address the Oireachtas sub-Committee on the Fiscal Treaty on Thursday and regional meetings will be held in the coming weeks. He said, “These will provide an opportunity for the Association’s 4,000 branch officers and leaders to inform themselves about the Fiscal Treaty. The Association will embark on an active campaign and work to inform our membership of almost 90,000 why a Yes vote is in their best interests.”

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