Minister Coveney Lets Low-income Farmers Down

IFA President John Bryan has accused the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney of letting low-income farmers down by failing to announce a new AEOS scheme for 2012 ahead of the mid-May application date.

John Bryan said, “The announcement this week by the Minister does not provide clarity or certainty for the thousands of farmers whose REPS3 contract has concluded.  The loss of REPS and the absence of a meaningful AEOS Scheme will undermine the viability of many low-income farm families across the country.”

The IFA President said it was particularly unacceptable that farmers in SAC and Natura areas are being denied an environmental payment in 2012, despite facing production restrictions under EU regulations.

John Bryan said the Minister must clarify immediately when he will introduce a meaningful scheme for those leaving REPS3, and secure a payment in 2012, especially for those who are restricted.

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