Minister Coveney’s Failure to Put Aeos 3 Scheme in Place Will Hurt Farm Incomes

IFA President John Bryan has said the Minister for Agriculture’s decision to delay implementation of AEOS 3, and his failure to commit to a meaningful scheme, will impact severely on farm incomes on vulnerable farmers dependent on an agri-environment scheme.
John Bryan said that he was seriously concerned about the lack of commitment shown by the Minister to low-income farmers who have suffered over the last 4 years from cuts in successive Budgets to vital schemes. “Direct payments form a major part of farm income, particularly in the Disadvantaged Areas. The most recent Budget cuts plus the failure to commit to an AEOS 3 will reduce farm incomes on farms where they are already low.”

The IFA President called on Minister Coveney to commit to a meaningful AEOS 3 now so that farmers can plan their application to an agri-environment plan. Low income farmers are now demanding positive action from the Minister on an AEOS 3.

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