Farmers’ Rights Must Not Be Undermined by Wind Farm Developers

IFA President John Bryan has welcomed today’s announcement of major investment in renewable energy projects in the midlands, however he has called on the wind farm developers to ensure that landowners’ rights are fully protected.

The IFA President said “a number of companies are currently approaching farmers and encouraging them to sign option agreements, which would give these companies the right to use lands and seek planning permission to build wind turbines.”

“These option agreements can transfer very significant rights to developers and must not be open-ended.”

“IFA is aware of situations where <i>option</i> agreements have been signed which give wind farm developers open-ended entitlements over farmers’ lands, which is unacceptable.”

“The proposed wind-farm developments in the midlands are of a huge scale and may affect over 500 farmers.”

“IFA has many years’ experience of supporting landowners affected by infrastructural developments including wind turbines and are well aware of the problems. The Association has produced a guidance document, which is available to all landowners on The best approach for affected farmers is to work together and through local meetings ensure that they are fully aware of the issues with these developments.”

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