Minister’s Review Shows Lack of Awareness of Difficulties on Farms

IFA President John Bryan said farmers will be mystified that Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney is concentrating on what happened in the sector last year, given the very difficult conditions they are enduring at the moment and the effect on farm incomes.
“The Minister’s Review published today, relating to what happened in 2011, fails to identify the core issue on farms today: the impact of the prolonged wet weather on costs and incomes in 2012.”

John Bryan said farmers want the Minister to concentrate on very important decisions that can alleviate the situation. “For a start, he must give a guarantee that farm schemes will not be cut in the next Budget, as they have already had disproportionate reductions. There is also an onus on him to arrange that Disadvantaged Area payments are made on time, and the 50% advance of the Single Farm Payment is made in October to all farmers, regardless of whether they are being inspected or not.”

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