IFA Intensifies Association’s Cap Campaign in Europe


IFA President John Bryan will today (Wed) meet key MEPs in Strasbourg as the Association intensifies its CAP campaign to secure an outcome that supports active farmers and minimises disruption to productive agriculture in Ireland.

The IFA President will have talks with influential figures in the European Parliament, including the Chair of the Agriculture Committee Paolo de Castro, the head of the EPP Joseph Daul, rapporteurs and Irish MEPs who are deeply involved in the negotiations.

John Bryan held constructive discussions yesterday with the President of the French farmers 2019; union FNSEA, Xavier Beulin, to strengthen the alliance with France, which has been very important for Ireland in previous CAP Reforms.

The powerful French farm organisation is determined that the CAP Reform does not undermine productive agriculture, and is confident that compromises can be reached in Luxembourg in two weeks time.

He said, We have always shared common ground with the French in defending the family farm model in Europe. Todays engagement is part of the alliance-building process which will be very important in facing down the Commissioner and ensuring his damaging proposals are not allowed to disrupt the productive base across Europe.

Mr Bryan said, The European Parliament has co-decision for the first time and has an important role, with the Farm Council, in representing the views of the people who elect them. We are looking to MEPs to back up the decisions reached at the March Council meeting, which contained important flexibilities for Ireland.

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