IFA President Dismisses Spin by Government Tds on Cap Reform Outcome

IFA President John Bryan has dismissed the spin which is being put on the CAP Reform deal by some Government TDs, saying the reality is over 75,000 farmers will have some level of cuts imposed on them.

“Over 50,000 farmers are facing severe cuts to their incomes, ranging from 15% to 35%, and to say this group will only have an average cut of 12% is downright disingenuous. This claim takes no account of other compulsory deductions that farmers will face as part of the CAP Reform and the overall MFF agreement.”

John Bryan said, “The facts are the deal agreed in Brussels and Luxembourg this week will impact very negatively on the farm incomes of our most active and productive farmers, and threaten the targets in <i>Food Harvest 2020”.

Mr Bryan said this CAP Reform deal fails totally to address low incomes in vulnerable sectors and it is now up to Minister Coveney to bring forward a set of national measures to deal with this reality.

In relation to monies available for redistribution, the IFA President said that objective criteria must be used to ensure active farmers with low payments are prioritised.

He said, “The Minister and the Government must also commit to 50/50 co-financing of Pillar 2 so that a comprehensive package of rural development measures is put in place for vulnerable sectors and regions, and to encourage investment in agriculture”.

Mr Bryan said <span>a full analysis of the implications and options available under the agreement will have to be carried out before final implementation. IFA will be holding an extended Executive Council Meeting early next week to start this process, and the Association will be consulting widely with members.

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