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Pigs Council Report July 2022

Pig Market update: 

When the last report was submitted (11.05.2022) the prices were as follows:  

Rosderra €1.66 – 1.70c/kg 

Kepak €1.66 –1.70c/kg 

Dawn P&B €1.72-1.76c/kg 

Staunton’s €1.72-1.76c/kg 

Sows €0.95c/kg 

Today, pig prices are reported at the following prices: 

Rosderra €1.90 – 1.94c/kg 

Kepak €1.90 –1.94c/kg 

Dawn P&B €1.92-1.96c/kg 

Staunton’s €1.92-1.96c/kg 

Karro €2.00/kg 

GPM €2.00/kg 

Sows €0.95c/kg 

Current Pig Market and Outlook 

There was no change in pig price quotes from factories this week. Improvements are evident in the European situation at the moment as the price seems to have stabilised with the Grade E carcass averaging at €1.92/kg for a Grade E Pig Carcase, Week 26. Week 1 2022, the Grade E average price was €1.32c/kg.  Teagasc estimate that the Margin Over Feed for June is 19c/kg which is an improvement of 10c/kg on MOF for May, however, farmers are still unfortunately in a loss-making position and have been for the best part of a full year. The IFA Pigs Committee led by Chairman, Roy Gallie, have been campaigning nationally to ensure an increase in the pig price from May, which has contributed to delivering more from the home market back to farmers, with much more needed. The total throughput for week end 03/07/2022 was 68,401 as recorded by the Department of Agriculture, of which 1,097 were sows. Relating to the Irish sow herd reduction, Teagasc estimate that circa 12,500 sows are permanently exiting the sector. 

The Pig Exceptional Payment Scheme part 2 applications closed on the 11th of July. The Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has announced the aid scheme valued at €13m support scheme for pig farmers. The package is worth up to €100,000 to pig farmers to help address the soaring input costs endured by farmers.  However, Teagasc estimate that the average size family farm of 600 sows is now forecast to generate losses of circa €365,000 for the annual year (circa €30/pig currently).  

Feed ingredient prices have dropped sharply in the last in recent and increased again although not to the same level, with an expectant reduction at harvest time. However, the grain market remains extremely volatile and the results of harvests will have an impact on feed costs going forward and the MOF.  

European Pig Market Report 

France & Spain pig prices are moving onwards with their price heading to the €2.26 -€2.23/kg range. The heatwave coming next week (~40C) may reduce their sale weights further with their pig price rising further in the coming weeks. The UK price also increasing.  

African Swine Fever Update 

Two new cases of ASF on farms in Germany detected over the weekend. 

The first in In Lower Saxony, which was previously free from ASF the disease has been confirmed on a farm with 280 pigs and the second 1500 piglets in Emsland. The animals have been culled on Sunday. Farms that were in contact with the affected farm are being checked and there is a possibility of further cases. Lower Saxony is a region with very strong pig production and in the 10 km buffer zone there are 296 farms with around 195.000 pigs. The case should be around 15 km from the Dutch border.  

The other case has been found in the eastern state of Brandenburg where the disease has been found before. The farm is located in Uckermark and should have kept around 1300 fatteners.  

Also in Saxony, the spread of the disease among wild boars is increasingly worrying the authorities. In the Freistaat, cases have now also been registered west of the A13 motorway, which was previously considered a natural exclusion line. 

Strict National Biosecurity is key in maintaining our ASF free status 

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