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Pigs Council Report November 2021

Pig Market update:

When the last report was submitted (01.06.2021) the prices were as follows: 

Rosderra           €1.68-1.74c/kg

Kepak               €1.68-1.74c/kg

Cookstown (NI) €1.74-1.78c/kg

Dawn P&B        €1.72-1.76c/kg

Staunton’s         €1.72-1.76c/kg

Sows                €0.92-1.00ckg

Pig Price has decreased over the past 2 months by 26c/kg to the following prices:

Rosderra           €1.44 – 1.48c/kg

Kepak               €1.44 –1.48c/kg

Cookstown (NI) €1.46-1.50c/kg

Dawn P&B        €1.46-1.50c/kg

Staunton’s         €1.46-1.50c/kg

Sows                €0.35 – 37c/kg

Current Pig Market and Outlook

There was no change in pig price quotes from factories once again this week. Slight improvements in the European situation at the moment as the price seems to have stabilised at a low-price averaging at €1.30/kg.  Feed price increases have reduced margins to negative territory on Irish pig farms. The prospect for the months ahead may be more positive with Christmas just around the corner and the prospect of consumers purchasing Irish pig meat as a result. Last week’s total throughput was 74,486 as recorded by the Department of Agriculture. The continued strong supply of pigs from Irish farms is a testament the improvements in both breeding and management. The labour shortage issue has been a serious concern over the past number of months for all pig farmers as they have experienced consignments of pigs to the slaughtering plants cancelled since mid-July, in particular, this occurred for those supplying consignments to the Northern Ireland plant of Karro.  There was a backlog of unprocessed pigs on farms but this seems to have begun to alleviate, but we are not out of the woods yet.  Thankfully, 1500 work permits were recently issued by DETE to the slaughtering plants which once they are successfully processed and workers hired, will relieve the situation further. The Chinese pig price has increased in recent days equating to approximately €2.95/kg DW as of 09.11.2021 which is welcome news.

European Pig Market Report.

Pig price ranges from €1.48c/kg (incl vat) down to as low as €0.97/kg across Europe. The importance of market access is clear when explaining the reasons for this variation, along with a recognised quality assured programme, such the Bord Bia Pig Quality scheme. The importance of keeping Ireland free of African Swine Fever (ASF) cannot be overstated. With increased international trade and travel movements opening up, this threat becomes ever greater. 

Marketing of pork from countries affected by ASF still remains an issue across Europe with many Asian nations, including the biggest pork importer, China, not accepting EU disease regionalisation in relation to ASF. This has excluded all German pork from many important markets and caused high levels of disruption to the internal EU pork trade. Awareness of ASF must remain high as it represents a continuous global risk for the pig sector, but also for the feral pig populations, biodiversity and the environment. Poland and Romania are experiencing numerous cases of ASF recently in the domestic pig herd which is proving extremely difficult for them to curtail. In July 2021 ASF was notified in central regions of Poland in new areas in domestic pigs, far from previously recognised clusters.

DNA Programme 

IFA Pigs Committee have been promoting the Bord Bia Quality Assurance label in encouraging consumers to buy Irish and have initiated a farmer led DNA testing programme of the catering and hospitality sector.

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