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Potato Council Report May 2022

Market Report 09.05.22

Rooster box €380€450€400
Rooster 10 kg €4€5€4.50
Kerr Pinks€5€6€5.50

Markets remain stable and largely unchanged, with sales reported to be steady. New season early crops are developing nicely, with recent rainfall very welcome in the south east. Harvesting of Home Guard and Premier varieties should begin in the next couple of weeks. Growing conditions have improved with recent rainfall. Planting of 2022 maincrop is now nearing completion in many areas, with many growers reported to have planted less due to input costs.   

In Europe, futures prices have strengthened this week with the current spell of cool overnight temperatures and dry weather adding confidence to the longer term. Buyers in the processing sector have returned to the market and values are stronger again this week. In the U.K. demand for maincrop is still sluggish but contacts report slightly more interest in new crop this week. Quality salads are becoming increasingly hard to find and prices remain firm

Activity since last Council 

  • A seed potato meeting was held on 31st of March. The meeting was held in conjunction with Teagasc. The potential of the sector was discussed in light of Brexit and the ban on importation of seed from Scotland. A number of possible support measures under Brexit Adjustment Reserve funding were discussed. Another meeting of the group will be convened in the coming weeks. 
  • IFA launched a report commissioned by economist Jim Power – Retail Price Compression Threatens the Viability of Irish Horticulture. The report calls for Government to move quickly to restore the ban on below-cost selling of food. Potatoes are detailed in the report and the full report can be found here
  • IFA will continue to liaise with DAFM on funding for the seed potato sector under the Brexit Adjustment Reserve. IFA will be putting forward a formal submission on BAR in the coming week. 
  • IFA began a campaign to highlight the impact of spiralling input costs on potato growers and how the 2022 crop may be jeopardised. IFA wrote a letter to the Minister requesting a meeting and issued press statements.
  • The EU Potato Promotion activation for 2022 is now under way. This is the final year of the successful campaign targeting millennial consumption. Growers are reminded to contribute to the very worthwhile campaign which is 80% funded from the EU. A letter and update booklet were issued to growers recently.
  • The stocks survey is currently underway and results will be available shortly.
  • IFA attended a potato promotion meeting with all industry stakeholders in January to discuss planned activities for the upcoming year. 
  • IFA met with DAFM on future desiccation strategies alongside Teagasc in December. A further meeting will take place in the first quarter of 2022. 
  • IFA continues to engage with all retailers to discuss the upcoming season and convey growers increased input costs and issues around excessive tare levels. 

EU/COPA developments 

  • The E.U. has declined a request for “equivalence” regarding the export of seed from the U.K to Europe. The decision has been challenged and an application for “substantial equivalence” is now being pursued. IFA continues to lobby on this matter. 


  • IFA will continue to liaise with DAFM in the coming weeks to further discuss proposals for potential supports for the seed potato sector especially under the Brexit Adjustment Reserve.
  • IFA continues to engage with retailers on spiralling input costs and setting up meetings with retailer buyers at this critical period. 
  • IFA will continue lobbying for the potato seed sector to be included in the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR).
  • IFA will continue to demand that packers and retailers pay sustainable potato farm gate prices. 
  • IFA will continue to contact growers to ensure they are aware of the costs of production and engage in stocks surveys.
  • The 2022 European Potato Promotion is now underway and performing very well. Growers have received a letter to support this initiative and the potato committee are continuing to encourage growers to support the campaign. 
  • The 11th World Potato Congress (WPC 2022) which will take place in Ireland, 30 May – 2 June 2022. The event will take place in the RDS. More detail is available on https://wpc2022ireland.com/

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