Proposed Micro-energy Scheme Must Be Supported by Adequate Budget and Scheme Spec

IFA Renewables Chairman Tom Short has described proposals to introduce a pilot scheme for micro-energy generation as “mere words that will only become a reality when a robust budget is announced by the Department of Energy”.

Tom Short said, “Farm scale and roof-top renewable energy production is commonplace across all other EU states such as Germany, France and the UK. The proposal for a pilot scheme simply avoids the need for the urgent roll-out of farm scale renewables, given Ireland’s EU climate and renewable obligations”.

He added, “Previous micro-energy pilot schemes have proved the appetite and demand from farmers to step up and meet environmental obligations. However, previous mistakes must not be repeated and the Department of Climate Action and Environment must put in place clear specifications for the quality and type of technology that will be supported. We cannot have a repeat of the situation where cheap equipment imported from non-EU countries is sold to farmers and homeowners without warranties, guarantees or acceptable standards.”

Concluding, Tom Short said, “This week I addressed the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Climate Action and the Environment and I once again called for the financing of farm scale and community renewable projects to be underpinned by a ringfenced budget of €100m from the additional charge paid by all homeowners called the PSO levy. Renewable energy can no longer be the exclusive right of large-scale big developers”.

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