Questions Must Be Answered on Irish Water Pipeline

Organic Farming Scheme

IFA Environment & Rural Affairs Chairman Thomas Cooney has called on Irish Water to ensure that key questions landowners have raised in recent days are clearly answered before proposed plans to send water to Dublin from the Shannon goes any further.

Speaking after meeting with several landowners who received letters this week from Irish Water confirming that they and their families will be impacted by the proposed project Thomas Cooney said, “There is a huge level of concern among farmers, their families and wider communities in the hinterlands of the River Shannon and in the footprint of the proposed project. These concerns are genuine and real and Irish Water has a duty to resolve each concern before the project proceeds any further.”

IFA has called on Irish Water to clearly respond to the following concerns, at the forthcoming meetings they are having with landowners:

  1. How much disruption will be caused to landowners during the construction of the pipeline?
  2. How long will this disruption last?
  3. What will happen to the subsoil?
  4. What commitment is there to restore farmlands back to original full productivity?
  5. After the pipeline is put in Will there be any permanent structures left in fields?
  6. What on-going access will be required to farmers’ lands?
  7. Will the potential for farm families to get planning permission be restricted due to the pipeline?
  8. Will the State own and continue to own the water pipeline, once constructed?
  9. What current and future restrictions may be imposed on farmers who farm in the vicinity of the river Shannon due to the abstraction of water from the river?
  10. What package of measures is in place to reimburse farmers for income and yield losses where Irish Water impose restrictions on farming practices?

Concluding Thomas Cooney said, “The drip feeding of information must end. Facts and full details are now required.”

Consultation meetings

Irish Water is holding a series of Public Consultation Open Days where members of the public can ask questions in relation to the Project.

The Abbey Court Hotel, Wednesday November 16th 2pm-8pm

The Lakeside Hotel, Thursday, November 17th 2pm-8pm

Limerick Strand Hotel, November 21st, 2pm-8pm

Tullamore Court Hotel, November 28th 2pm-8pm

County Arms Hotel, November 30th 2pm08pm

Glenroyal Hotel, December 5th 2p-8pm

City West Hotel, December 6th 2pm-8pm


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