Shannon Maintenance Works Should Be Up and Running as Soon as Possible – Joyce

IFA Flood Project Team Chairman Padraic Joyce has welcomed the announcement from the Minister for the OPW Sean Canney that strategic maintenance works will be carried out on the River Shannon.

Padraic Joyce said farmers and landowners will now want to see the work begin as soon as possible and progress made on longstanding issues that have caused flooding. He said the OPW should set out a clear timetable for the schedule of the works.

Padraic Joyce said IFA has consistently argued that there should be maintenance works to help the flow of water and to remove blockages. “Minister Canney rightly recognises that works have not happened for a long time and this has led to the build-up of silt and vegetation. The Shannon Flood Risk Group now accepts that maintenance works are essential to halt the deterioration of the river channel.”

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