Signpost Programme a Reset Moment on the Climate Debate

IFA President Tim Cullinan said the Signpost Programme announced today is an opportunity to reset the debate on climate action and enable farmers to improve their sustainability based on verifiable data.

Tim Cullinan said the Signpost Programme would be implementing a monitoring programme on selected farms, identifying ways of developing their enterprise to produce quality food in the most carbon-efficient manner.

“Farmers and rural Ireland understand the need for climate action. With the right support and measures, farmers will step up and respond,” he said.

We have consistently said there must be a proper measurement of the carbon being sequestered on our farms. It is a pity it did not happen earlier, but it is important that it is happening now. IFA is fully committed to supporting the initiative,” he said.

“I welcome the clear acknowledgement by the Taoiseach of the potential of agriculture to remove carbon from the atmosphere. This must be fully reflected in the Carbon budget definition in the Climate Bill,” he said.

The IFA President said he looked forward to the results from the programme being shared widely. “We want the most robust information to be made available to farmers, which will equip them to carry out the dual functions of food production and safeguarding the environment,” he said. 

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