Simple Steps to Security

Securing your property and equipment does not have to be a complicated process, writes Colin Connolly IFA Rural Crime Prevention Executive.
Simple steps can offer the best protection for your equipment. Ask yourself some simple yes/no questions to start the process.

1 – Property Identification
Is your home property/address/farmland easily located if required by emergency services? If you live in a very remote area have you given directions to your address? This simple measure costs nothing and could save time and lives.

2 – Boundary
Are your boundary fences/ gates and entrances in good condition? Are they secure and intact?

3- Vegetation
Are trees and bushes trimmed back to reduce cover for potential criminals?

4 – Lighting
Do you have appropriate exterior lighting around your farm building and outbuildings?

5 – Alarms
Is there an alarm fitted to your dwelling house, sheds or outhouses?

6 – Doors
Are your external doors on all buildings fitted with robust locks?

7 – Windows
Are all external windows fitted with robust locks and maintained to the highest standard?

8 – Keys
Do you store keys for all your machinery out of sight in a secure location?

If you answered no to any of these question, perhaps look at this specific area of your security and try to improve it.

Finally, remember to mark your property with a unique security number that clearly identifies ownership of the item. This will deter thieves and allow it to be returned in the event of it being recovered. Theftstop allows you to register for free and maintain an asset register of all your property in a secure environment – follow the simple steps at

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