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Ten Tips for Summer Security


Don’t forget about home and farm security during the good weather, IFA Deputy President Richard Kennedy has advised.

“It is important to be vigilant about your home and farm security during the summer when homes are more likely to be unoccupied or accessible. Never assume that because you are at home or nearby, your farm or property is safe,” Richard advises.

Ten tips to keep your home and farm secure this summer

  1. Lock windows on the ground floor level.
  2. Ensure that, if you are opening windows on the first floor, they cannot be entered from a porch, drain pipe or a ladder left out.
  3. Be clever about how you lock up and when going to bed at night; make sure that if you are leaving a window open, it is not accessible.
  4. If you are working in the farmyard or garden, make sure you have locked all the doors and windows to your home as you may be easily distracted in your work
  5. If you are working with power tools or gardening equipment be extra vigilant as you may not hear a person entering your property.
  6.  Carry a key with you; don’t be tempted to leave the key under a pot or stone near the door
  7. If you are to the rear of the property your home may appear to be unoccupied which might draw a criminal’s attention
  8. Consider setting the alarm if you feel that you may get distracted in your work or nod off while relaxing.
  9. When you are finished working outside, make sure to put away the power tools and machinery. Take a few minutes to ensure the safety of your property.
  10. Mark your property – overt and covert markings will deter criminals and can help to reunite you with stolen property if it is stolen and subsequently recovered.

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