Un Report on Water Shortage Has to Have Positive Impact for Sustainable Food Production 

Responding to a UN report predicting major water shortages across the world, IFA President Eddie Downey said that the EU and UN would have to take the impact of this on food security fully into account when developing new Climate Change targets in Paris later this year.

He said that the UN report predicts a 40% world water shortfall and an increase of 55% in demand within 15 years. “Based on these facts, water shortage is going to be an even bigger issue for the world’s food security than climate change, especially in the short term.  It is vital that UN policy on both issues does not conflict, particularly in relation to sustainable food production.”

Mr. Downey said that future UN policy on Climate Change will have to prioritise food production and support regions where water is plentiful and food production can be increased sustainably.

He said Ireland is ideally positioned to grow production sustainably and any future EU/UN policy must not prevent this from happening, or penalise countries such as Ireland which is in a position to help meet the growing demand for sustainably produced food across the world

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