Vigilance Needed in Light of Recent Gorse Fires


IFA Hill Chairman Pat Dunne has called for vigilance in light of recent gorse fires and the dry conditions on hills at present.

Pat Dunne cautioned that after a spell of dry weather, a wildfire risk can develop quickly in areas where flammable vegetation such as grasses, gorse, and heather are present.

The Hill Chairman pointed out that gorse burning is not permitted and should not be carried out at this time of year.

Pat Dunne said “Managed burning of gorse is good land management practice as it allows the regeneration of mountain land. However, burning should not be carried out at the moment as it is outside the burning dates and not beneficial for land management.”

The Hill Chairman also said the existing burning dates from September 1 to the end of February are too narrow and the inclusion of the month of March, as per the Heritage Bill, would allow for better vegetative management and reduce the risk of wild fires.

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