IFA Elections

80% of Branch AGMs Completed – Over 10,000 Votes Returned by Post

Nearly 80% of IFA branch AGMs have taken place, with the final 200 to be completed over the next seven days.

At this stage, every member should have received their election pack in the post. 

“If anybody hasn’t received their election pack, or if it has been lost or damaged, they should contact their local office as soon as possible to seek a re-issued election pack,” National Returning Officer Brian Rushe said.

“The closing date for receipt of completed ballots of Mon, Dec 11th is fast approaching. I would encourage members to return their ballots without delay because of increased volumes of post pre-Christmas. The sooner members post their vote, the better,” he said. 

He confirmed that, in addition to votes cast at AGMs, over 10,000 members have already returned their ballots by post. 

Brian Rushe said every member has the opportunity to influence who becomes the 17th President of the IFA. “The stronger the mandate, the better equipped the next President will be to represent farmers over the next four years.”

Francie Gorman and Martin Stapleton are running for President.

Alice Doyle and Pat Murphy are running for Deputy President.

The National Count will be held on Tues, Dec 12th in the Castleknock Hotel. The next President will take up office in January, 2024

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