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Mater Private Launches Vascular Health Programme at Special Discounted Rate for IFA Members

The Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, who have held a successful partnership with IFA for a number of years, have launched a new Vascular Health Programme which offers a rapid and direct access to vascular diagnostic tests. The standard price for this testing is €267 however the offer for the first 100 IFA Members is €150.

Speaking about the Vascular Health Pilot Programme, Dr Caroline Whelan, COO of the Mater Private Hospital said, “Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the most common cause of death and disability in Ireland, according to the Irish Heart Foundation. Approximately 10,000 people die each year from CVD, which includes many conditions that affect the structures or function of the heart. However, the good news is that with early detection, CVD can be addressed before serious health issues can arise.

In partnership with IFA, The Mater Private Hospital is delighted to be providing the farming community with the opportunity to avail of our Vascular Health Programme. Designed to ensure a single, straightforward appointment and consultation process, this screening initiative is part of a special pilot offer for the first 100 patients. Appointments are currently available in the morning of Saturday 8th December 2018, Saturday 26th December 2019 and Saturday 22nd of February 2019 with additional dates to follow. To make an appointment, IFA members can simply telephone the Mater Private Hospital to book their appointment. Directly after testing, a member of our multi-disciplinary team of world class specialists will discuss the results with the patient as part of our comprehensive and hassle-free screening process.”

IFA Farm Family Chairperson Caroline Farrell was recently invited in to the Mater Private to take part in the programme. Speaking of her experience, Caroline said, “From start to finish it was a simple, painless experience. The staff in the Mater Private couldn’t have been nicer and explained how everything would work clearly. There are three steps in the process – testing your blood pressure, a quick non-invasive ultrasound and finally a review of your results. You receive the results on the spot, which is great. Overall it’s a really worthwhile test that anyone with a history of vascular disease can take to ensure that you detect any issues early, which is key.”

For more information on this programme and the IFA’s partnership with the Mater Private Dublin, click here. 


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