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Smart Farming: Carbon Calculators

Carbon calculators can be used to calculate your farm’s carbon footprint, the estimated amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by your farm or your farm’s carbon balance the balance of carbon emissions compared to carbon removals. 

There are many carbon calculators on the market. The links below include carbon calculators which are currently available in Ireland.

AgrinewalAgrinewal provides a carbon balance sheet and identifies actions which can help reduce farm emissions. 
FarmeyeFarmeye carries out soil carbon analysis to measure and monitor the carbon sequestration of soils. 
The Cool Farm Tool  The Cool Farm Tool measures farm emissions and soil carbon sequestration. An estimated calculation is given. 
AgrecalcAgrecalc produces a carbon footprint report for a farm, measures the carbon emissions produced and monitors progress. 
Carbon Harvesters Platform  The Carbon Harvesters Platform monitors farm emissions and provides weekly updated life cycle assessments. 
Teagasc Forest Carbon ToolThe Forest Carbon Tool estimates the potential carbon storage over the lifetime of your forest. 

For more information and to download the Smart Farming Agri Technology guidance note visit .

Smart Farming is a voluntary resource efficiency programme, run by the Irish Farmers’ Association in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency.

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