Who Will Be the FBD Young Farmer of the Year 2018?

The search is on for the 20th FBD Young Farmer of the Year. Organised by Macra na Feirme and supported by the IFA there are six additional awards on offer alongside the main prize in this landmark year for the event.

Young farmers involved in sectors such as beef, dairy, sheep and others are invited to enter and the winner of each sector will compete to be crowned the 2018 FBD Young Farmer of the Year.

This year there are also new feature awards for the Best Emerging Female Farmer, Best Emerging Male Farmer along with awards in Land Mobility and Farm Collaboration.

The Land Mobility Award will focus on farmers who display innovative solutions to accessing and utilising land for farming.

The Farm Collaboration Award will focus on collaborative farming arrangements that best demonstrate the benefits of collaborations such as long-term leases, registered partnerships, share farming, share milking and contract rearing for all parties involved.

There is also a new Biodiversity award this year supported by the National Rural Network.

Who can enter?

In order to enter, you must be:

 aged under 35 on the 1st January 2018

a member of Macra na Feirme or the IFA

involved in the running of the farm on which you currently work for a least three years, either full time or part time

All 2017 county winners and all past ‘Macra na Feirme FBD Young Farmer of the Year’ winners are ineligible to enter – all other entrants from last year and previous years may enter the competition.

How can I enter or nominate a young farmer?

You an enter yourself or nominate an exceptional young farmer at Macra.ie/yfy.


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