Aquaculture Committee

Michael Mulloy

Chairman IFA Aquaculture Committee

087-6740656 [email protected]

Michael Mulloy is chairman of the National Committee of IFA Aquaculture. He is based in Westport, Co. Mayo and owns Blackshell Farm in Clew Bay.

Michael began mussel farming in 1983 and has long experience in providing marine services to the finfish and shellfish industry around the coast. He has served on numerous committees at local and national level for the industry, including the Ministerial Aquaculture Forum.

Apart from producing mussels, Michael now also produces the New Zealand style biodegradeable cotton rope used by the vast majority of farmers today in the Irish industry.

Teresa Morrissey

Aquaculture Executive

01-4260338 [email protected]

Teresa is a graduate of Environmental Science from NUI Galway, and also holds a Masters in Marine Science from GMIT.

Having previously worked with the Marine Institute for almost nine years, she brings a depth of experience of in working with the Irish aquaculture industry.

Previous roles within the Marine Institute involved regulatory advice on fish health matters, scientific research on emerging aquatic diseases and management of the National Reference Laboratory for Crustacean diseases.

About IFA Aquaculture

IFA Aquaculture is a consolidated representative body comprised of representatives from all sectors of the Irish aquaculture industry, this includes all stakeholders that farm fish, shellfish, seaweeds and for other novel species that may be cultured around the coastline of Ireland. To become a member you must have an aquaculture licence to farm your products.

IFA Aquaculture also has associate members involved in supply of inputs and sales as well as processing.

The National committee of IFA Aquaculture is comprised of representatives across all sub-sectors of Irish Aquaculture.

IFA Aquaculture will focus on providing strong industry representation nationally and internationally, supporting the improvement and development of the Irish aquaculture industry and promoting positive aspects of Irish aquaculture

Key issues include:

  • Implementation of the Aquaculture licensing review recommendations seeking essential reform of the Aquaculture licensing system;
  • Contributing to the preparation and implementation of Marine Spatial planning on behalf of the industry;
  • National and international representation for the Irish aquaculture industry
  • Highlighting the positive aspects of Irish Aquaculture.

IFA Aquaculture National Committee

RoleNameContact No.
Chair & Rope MusselsMichael Mulloy087-6740656
Vice Chair & OystersKian Louet-Feisser087-6244879
OystersCliona Mhic Ghiolla Chuda086-8253033
OystersLee Hunter087-3595692
TroutMag Kirwan086-8188340
Rope MusselsJohn Harrington087-2313395
SalmonLiam Roche087-2830641
SalmonGerry O’Donoghue087-6165860
SalmonCatherine McManus087-2441364
Rope Mussels/Shellfish SafetyFinian O’Sullivan 085-1729177
Bottom MusselsPatrick T. Sullivan087-2198157
Other SpeciesCindy O’Brien087-9051956