Grain Committee

Mark Browne

Chairman IFA National Grain Committee

087 2703585

Pat Farrell

Senior Policy Executive

01 426 0389

Pat joined the IFA in 2013.  He holds a degree in Commercial Horticulture from UCD and has worked in the mushroom industry for the past 14 years. He has held positions in technical sales, mushroom growing and mushroom compost manufacturing.

Previous to that he spent a number of years working in general agriculture roles with Teagasc and private consultants.

About the Grain Committee

  • The National Grain Committee represents Ireland’s 13,000 cereal growers.
  • Its members are elected by IFA’s 25 county executives
  • The most important issues include feed grains, peas, beans and oilseed prices and malting barley premium.
  • The Committee was instrumental in developing price risk management tools for malting barley growers to minimise grain price volatility.

Grain Committee 2020

CHAIRMAN:Mark Browne087 2703585
VICE-C’MANKieran McEvoy086 6036352
CARLOW:George Hatton087 2527285
CORK (W):David O’Brien086 8554026
CORK (N):Liam Dorgan087 6533294
CORK (C):James Hegarty086 8152557
DONEGAL:Peter Lynch087 4198978
DUBLIN:Patrick Dehaene087 2595722
GALWAY:John Daly087 2547768
KERRY:Eamonn McElligott087 2847700
KILDARE:Robert Chambers086 3895975
KILKENNY:Edward Delahunty086 2750398
LONGFORD:Anthony Reynolds086 8548115
LOUTH:John Carroll086 2489212
LAOIS:Kieran McEvoy086 6036352
MAYO:James Murray087 9803090
MEATH:Dermot Ward087 6788899
MONAGHAN:Mark Joseph Gillanders086 8258405
OFFALY:Joe Bracken086 2521704
ROSCOMMON:Mervyn Auchmuty087 6676288
TIPP. NTH:Philip Tierney087 6898901
TIPP. STH:Gavin Delany086 2678746
WATERFORD:Ned Morrissey086 2666604
WESTMEATH:Chris Dolan085 8775179
WEXFORD 1:Isaac Wheelock086 2629034
WEXFORD 2:John Murphy087 2028148
WICKLOW:James Hill086 2622834
(Peas & Beans)Brian Lazenby087 9508146