Horticulture Committee

Paul Brophy

Chairman IFA Horticulture Committee

086-2608399 info@ifa.ie

Pat Farrell

Senior Policy Executive

01-4260336 patrickfarrell@ifa.ie

Pat joined the IFA in 2013.  He holds a degree in Commercial Horticulture from UCD and has worked in the mushroom industry for the past 14 years. He has held positions in technical sales, mushroom growing and mushroom compost manufacturing.

Previous to that he spent a number of years working in general agriculture roles with Teagasc and private consultants.

About the Horticulture Committee

  • The IFA Horticulture Committee comprises of the Chairmen of the different Horticulture Committees.
  •  Members of the Committee are the Chairmen of the Potato, Field Vegetable & Protected Crops, Soft Fruits, Mushroom and Nursery Stock Committees.
  • It’s most important issues include commodity prices, input costs, producers’ incomes, retailer activity, industry developments and the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme.

Horticulture Committee

National Chairman IFA Horticulture SectionPaul Brophy086 2608399
VegetablesPaul Brophy086 2608399
Hardy Nursery StockVal Farrell087 2503752
ApplesCon Traas086 6091998
Soft Fruit GrowersJames Kearns087 8241978
PotatoesThomas McKeown087 2625831
MushroomsGerard Reilly086 269 2012

Mushroom Producers Committee

CHAIRMANGerard Reilly086 269 2012
CARLOWLeslie Codd087 2853363

National Field Vegetable & Protected Crops Committee

CHAIRMANPaul Brophy086 2608399
VICE-CHAIRMANMartin Flynn086 3915893
DUBLINJohn Dockrell087 8543000
DUBLINColm Grimes086 8326911
DUBLINMartin Flynn086 3915813
DUBLINMatt Foley086 8156975
DUBLINLeo Murphy086 2523581
GALWAYSean Mahony087 6540184
GALWAYPadraig Fahy086 8943413
KERRYPaudie Hanafin087 6723419
KILDAREPaul Brophy086 2608399
KILKENNYJames O’Shea086 8532183
KILKENNYJulian Hughes086 8134336
KILKENNYEddie Doyle087 2787472
LAOISEmmet Dunne086 8106957
MEATHWilliam Ruiter086 2601896

Soft Fruit Growers Committee

CHAIRMANJames Kearns087 8241978
VICE-CHAIRMANDes Jeffares087 2867455
DUBLINDavid Keeling086 2361504
DUBLINBernard Murray086 8553619
LONGFORDNeil McCormack087 9184757
TIPPERARYCon Traas086 6091998
WEXFORDCyril Wheelock087 6775437
WEXFORDEamonn Crean086 8257389

Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Association Executive Committee

CHAIRMANVal Farrell087 2503752
CLAREMichelle Flannery087 7522992
DUBLINMartin Tully086 2551151
KILDARERosemary Flannery086 8189562
KILDAREMatthew Lohan087 2423340
KILKENNYFred Townsend087 6892323
OFFALYHans Ravensberg086 8588490
KILKENNYElmer Dool086 8543322
WATERFORDPeter Stam086 8121467