Pigs committee

Thomas Hogan

Chairman IFA National Pigs Committee

087-2658637 info@ifa.ie

Robert Malone

Senior Policy Executive

01-4260388 robertmalone@ifa.ie

About the Pigs & Pigmeat Committee

  • The members of the Committee are elected by members in three regions North, Mid and South (8 per region)
  • The most important issues include pig prices, feed prices, legislation (welfare, environment), education, training & promotion
  • The Committee developed a world first DNA traceability programme ‘DNAcertified’ that allows the IFA to clearly identify where consumers are being misled in relation to the origin of their pig meat products

Pigs Committee

CHAIRMANThomas Hogan087-2658637
Vice ChairmanRoy Gallie086-8242009
North RegionOliver Leddy086-3817650
Luke Bogue086-2869580
Martin Doherty087-7941218
Michael Caffrey086-2624709
Mid RegionDermot Healy086-8737292
Kevin Riordan087-2912511
Michael O’Shea087-2258815
Willilam Murphy087-6258221
Jonathan Marry087-6757579
Con O’Kelly086-2579056
Colm Ryan086-8737292
Darren Brady085-1259595
Christopher Brady087-2537258
South RegionDavid N Tyndall086-8790233
Shane McAuliffe087-1480208
Philip O’Brien086-8237676
Michael O’Doherty087-6526662
Maurice O’Brien 086-8500999
Richard Norton 086-2402570
John Horan087-6976035
Co-op’sJohn Ryan086-2528329
Richard Kingston087-2681602