Potato Committee

Thomas McKeown

Chairman IFA Potato Committee

087-2625832 info@ifa.ie

Pat Farrell

Senior Policy Executive

01-4260336 patrickfarrell@ifa.ie

Pat joined the IFA in 2013.  He holds a degree in Commercial Horticulture from UCD and has worked in the mushroom industry for the past 14 years. He has held positions in technical sales, mushroom growing and mushroom compost manufacturing.

Previous to that he spent a number of years working in general agriculture roles with Teagasc and private consultants.

About the Potato Committee

  • The National Potato Committee represents Ireland’s 600 commercial potato growers.
  • It’s members are elected by IFA’s County Executives where potatoes are produced.
  • It’s most important issues include potato prices, input costs, potato farmers’ incomes, retailer activity, industry developments and the Bord Bia quality assurance scheme.

Potato Committee

CHAIRMANThomas McKeown087 2625831
CORK (N)Colin Buttimer087 1449094
CORK (C)John Griffin087 6876293
DONEGAL – 1William Monagle086 8525137
DONEGAL – 2Jimmy Rankin087 2571835
DUBLINDavid Garrigan086 8553581
GALWAYJohn Stephens0868439308
KERRYBridget O’Connor087 2680258
KILDAREBart Maertens087 6780990
KILKENNYJohn Doody086 1903350
LOUTHBrendan Lynch086 8395494
MEATH – 1Thomas McKeown087 2625831
MEATH – 2Barry Mitchell087 2986626
MEATH – 3Andrew Sheridan086 8307599
OFFALYShane Howell086 3018525
TIPP.NORTHMichael Healy087 260 4271
WEXFORDSean Ryan087 2379748
WICKLOWTom Delahunt087 9878428