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An Taisce Green Schools Pack Should Be Withdrawn Immediately


IFA President Joe Healy said the Green Schools teacher resource pack, produced by An Taisce, which encourages students to eat less meat and dairy and which promotes veganism should be withdrawn immediately. “The appropriateness of An Taisce’s involvement in the Green Schools programme should also be reviewed by the Department of Education and Science,” he said.

The IFA President said the Green Schools initiative is a very positive programme, but he accused An Taisce of crossing the line by including dietary advice in their resource pack. “This is beyond the remit of An Taisce and it not consistent with dietary advice given by the Department of Health, the competent authority, on balanced diets.”

Joe Healy said Ministers and Government Departments should not be endorsing what amounted to propaganda from An Taisce.


“Farmers are extremely angry that packs like this would be distributed in schools advising students to consume less meat and dairy when both are an important part of a balanced diet. What our children are taught in school should be based on scientific findings proofed by the appropriate state agencies and Government Departments,” he said.

Children are the most vulnerable audience on dietary advice. Schools and teachers are in very influential positions. Giving children advice which could see them shun wholesome and nutritious fresh meat and dairy products is wrong.

“The relevant Government Departments must step in now and ensure that these packs are changed, or ensure that these packs are not distributed in our schools,” he said.

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