COVID-19: IFA Supports & Guidance

The challenges posed by Covid-19 require a collective effort.

IFA has over 940 branches around the country and it’s important that farmers look out for other farmers in their parish. I would ask you to be conscious of older neighbours and those with underlying medical conditions.

If you need help, you can be assured that you as an IFA member are not alone, even if you are observing social isolation protocols.


IFA COVID-19 Information Hub

Do you have a Plan B?

COVID-19 Alerts and Updates

IFA Essential Farm Travel Template

It is advised that farmers carry a form of ID with them at all times during the COVID-19 restrictions. A drivers licence and/or your IFA membership card will suffice.

If you have employees the advice is to provide them with a letter. We have created a template letter which can be accessed online here.

Alternatively you can download the template from here. This template has two pages with the same wording, the first page can be edited directly, the second page can be printed off and filled in by hand.

COVID-19 TB Testing Protocol Extended Until the 1st April

IFA Animal Health Chairman Pat Farrell has welcomed the extension to the COVID-19 TB testing protocol until the 1st April.

He said this extension is a practical recognition of the situation and the challenges and concerns facing farmers at this difficult time, while also ensuring the TB programme continues to function.

“Clearly outlining the protocol for an extended period allows farmers to plan and schedule their on-farm work. Critically, it allows dairy farmers plan with certainty their sale of calves with the facilitation of internal trade for calves up 120 days of age without requiring a TB test,” he said.

Essential Construction Work on Farms

The Minister has contacted the IFA President to clarify that a limited amount of essential construction work will be allowed on farms under level 5. It must be animal welfare related such as milking parlours and calf sheds.

“In certain circumstances construction or essential repairs of calf sheds/milking parlours may be permissible where this is necessary for animal welfare reasons.  This would depend on the individual circumstances of the project and would only apply to existing works scheduled for completion by the end of the month. Where alternative arrangements to manage animal welfare are available, the works should not proceed.” – DAFM

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