IFA Welcomes Re-opening of Some McDonald’s Restaurants

IFA President Tim Cullinan has welcomed the announcement by McDonald’s that they are planning to re-open some of their restaurants in Ireland next week.

“McDonald’s is a major purchaser of Irish beef, spending €160m on 40,000 tonnes each year, and €200m in the economy in total through their 130 restaurants. Beef farmers will be glad to see it re-opening. They will hope and need to see a price increase,” he said.


“We had a conference call with McDonald’s yesterday where they briefed us on their plans,” he said.


“McDonald’s is an iconic global brand and the fact they buy so much is recognition of the quality beef produced from our grass-based production system,” he said.


IFA National Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden said that the closing of restaurants across Europe has had a big impact on Irish farmers.

“The closure of the food service sector across Europe has hit the Irish beef sector hard and farmers are incurring huge losses. The sooner the sector can re-open fully, the better,” he said.

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