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Support and Buy Irish Bord Bia Quality Assured Pigmeat, not Imports

IFA Pigs Chairman Roy Gallie called for universal support for the Irish pigmeat sector at a demonstration in Portlaoise today.

Retailers, foodservice outlets and butchers must offer consumers locally-produced Bord Bia Quality Assured pork, ham and bacon, not imported pigmeat.

He said, “The pig sector supported the Irish economy in 2008 – increasing output and exports from 220m in 2007 to €950m in 2020, a €730m increase in value to the Irish economy”.

“To not offer Irish consumers the opportunity to enjoy our quality produce and support locally-produced pork, bacon and ham is wrong. IFA cannot stand by when some retailers and foodservice outlets do not offer their customers this choice,” he said.

Bord Bia audits all steps in the production of Irish pigmeat; from the grain produced to make pig feed here in Ireland; the pig farms that raise the pigs; our pigmeat food processors; right through to the retail shelf and the butcher’s counter.

The IFA Pigs Chairman called on every consumer to check if their pork or ham is Irish when purchasing and urged them to view the trackability documentation, which proves it is.

The IFA operated DNA traceback scheme is internationally recognised. It accurately determines if a piece of pigmeat is Irish in origin. The IFA set up this system to strengthen consumers’ trust in our traceability system, so they can be confident that when it says it is Irish, it is.

Roy Gallie called on all retailers, particularly the foodservice and butcher trade, to abandon plans to import pigmeat, buy Irish Bord Bia Quality Assured pork and ham, and support Irish pig farmers.

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