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Approvals for TAMS Process is too Slow and Must Be Speeded Up

IFA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins said the approval process for TAMS is too slow and must be speeded up as farm investment is held up.

Tranche 17 closed as far back as June 6th last, with around 5,000 applicants. However, there are a significant number of farmers who have yet to get approval. It has stalled farm investment plans which need to be done.

The IFA Rural Development Chairman pointed out that with the economy trying to come out of the economic downturn as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, it’s vitally important that the approvals process is overhauled.

In relation Tranche 18 which closes on August 21st, IFA is urging the Minister for Agriculture Dara Calleary to ensure that delays in previous tranches are addressed.

Michael Biggins stressed the importance of an early signal from the Minister of an extension of TAMS beyond Dec 31st next, under EU CAP transitional rules.  IFA estimates there will be still €135m of unspent funds.

While applicants who apply and are approved will have a call on this funding, it’s important that there is a significant allocation to TAMS in next October’s Budget to allow new applicants into the scheme next year. IFA is seeking an allocation of €120m for the scheme for 2021.

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