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How Much Has Been Paid out Under Farm Schemes So Far?

Payment Dates

IFA received an update on payments made under various schemes at a meeting of the Charter of Farmers Rights Monitoring Committee this week.

BPS: 123,211 Basic Payment Scheme applicants had been paid €1.16bn. This represents 99.5% of all applicants.

ANC: 94,700 applicants have been paid a total of €202.6m.

GLAS: 46,000 GLAS applicants have been paid an 85% advance, amounting to €156m.

Knowlege Transfer: 13,814 farmers have so far received €10.2m.

BDGP: For the 2017 BDGP Scheme, to date 22,643 farmers have received €40.6m and payments continue to be cleared as the Department receives the necessary information.


Sheep Welfare Scheme: 20,684 farmers have been paid €16m in advance payments. Inspections are currently taking place and expect to be completed by the end of March, which will release the final payment in early Quarter 2, worth €3m.

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