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No Farmer Can Be Left Behind on Payments

IFA Deputy President Richard Kennedy has called on the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to insist that the Department of Agriculture delivers the final instalment of the Basic Payment Scheme and ANC payments to all farmers next week.

“No farmer can be left behind on payments at this stage in the year,” he said.

The final BPS payment of 30% is due to farmers from December 1st.  The final 15% of ANC payments is also due. Combined, these amount to almost €400m.

The IFA Deputy President said payments under the BEAM scheme to livestock farmers are due to commence on Mon, Dec 9th.

Richard Kennedy said, “It is essential that the Department of Agriculture have all outstanding queries and payment delays fully resolved before this final payment run commences next week. Delays cannot be tolerated at this late stage in the year”.

“Farmers have had a horrendous year in terms of farm income and cannot afford to be waiting on direct payments.”

He said despite Department of Agriculture assurances that there wouldn’t be delays in relation to satellite inspections and the LIPIS review in Co. Louth, some payments are outstanding.

Richard Kennedy said farmers across the country are very worried that the Department will repeat these payment difficulties when the LIPIS review is extended to other counties over the next two years.

“IFA has made it abundantly clear to Minister Creed and the Department that delays of this type cannot be tolerated.”

Concluding, Richard Kennedy said the Department of Agriculture needs to ensure that payments across all schemes are paid out to the maximum extent by year-end, in line with the Charter of Rights.

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