Biosecurity Has Never Been So Important for Poultry Sector

The IFA Poultry Committee Chair Nigel Sweetnam has called on the Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to announce a start date for TAMS 3. 

“It’s crucial that the Minister includes biosecurity measures which are vitally important in helping to protect the sector as we work to manage the challenge of Avian Influenza,” Nigel Sweetnam said.

“Poultry farmers and the industry have excelled in containing avian influenza, but the risk has far from gone away,” he said.

“We need clarity as we plan for the future to manage the risk as we continue to struggle with high input costs and continue to mitigate the risk of disease. Biosecurity has never been so important,” he added.

At the Bord Bia Meat Marketing Seminar today, DAFM reinforced the relevance and importance of implementing and enhancing our national and on farm biosecurity; maintaining our food production industry; our export markets; and our family farms and their livelihoods. 

“The IFA Poultry Committee is also looking for aid to adapt renewable technology to combat the soaring energy costs with carbon tax now accounting for 2% of farmers’ costs,” Nigel Sweetnam concluded. 

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