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Funding in Biomethane Strategy Not Enough to Meet Climate Targets

IFA President Francie Gorman said that the Biomethane Strategy published by the Government today will not be enough to develop the scale a biomethane sector would need to meet the targets set out in the Climate Action Plan 2024.

“The Government has a target of trying to produce 5.7 Terawatt hours (TWhs) of biomethane through the construction of 200 Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants by 2030. If the Government is serious about this, it will require a lot more funding than €40m. Countries such as Denmark have successfully developed a biomethane sector, but they committed multiples of this figure in funding,” outlined the President.  

“There are also other logistical issues that need to be ironed out, including the classification of the by-products such as digestate,” he said.

IFA made a detailed submission during the consultation process, which can be viewed here.

“Overall, there is certainly potential to develop an indigenous AD industry in Ireland, but the discussion needs to be much more inclusive of farmers or there is a real danger that AD will become the preserve of big business,” he said.

IFA Farm Business chair Bill O’Keeffe said the Biomethane Strategy has to be farmer led if it’s to succeed.

Bill O’Keeffe said given the scale of the investment required, incentives will be needed to convince farmers to participate. “Government-backed finance, similar to SBCI lending arrangements, should be provided to enable farmers to invest. Support for the construction of viable AD plants and storage will have to come from the Dept of Energy and Climate Change,” he said.

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