IFA Poultry Committee Backs Unified Approach to Tackling Retailers

The IFA Poultry Committee met this morning with IFA President Tim Cullinan regarding the ongoing income crisis in the sector.

Speaking after the meeting, Tim Cullinan said that the anger of poultry farmers at the meeting was palpable.

IFA Poultry Chairman Nigel Sweetnam said chicken and egg farmers are sick and tired of retailers ignoring their call for a price increase. They made it clear that if there was no movement on price, they will take further action.

Tim Cullinan said it’s now clear that across the horticulture, poultry and pigs sectors, retailers are using food as loss leader. In recent weeks Lidl has even used organic produce as a loss leader.

“We met Lidl and Tesco last week and we have meetings arranged with the other retailers, but the time for talking is running out,” he said.

“I want to make it clear to retailers that farmers in these sectors are united and determined. The retailers must go back to their suppliers and sit down with them to agree a pricing structure which ensures the economic sustainability of farmers and growers,” he said.

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