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IFA Will Not Be Intimidated by Legal Threats

IFA President Tim Cullinan said IFA will not be deterred by legal threats from Lidl in relation to an advertisement which appeared in the Sunday Independent today.

“We have noted the legal threat from Lidl reported in the media this evening. We will not be intimidated by this,” he said.

“Everything in the advert is 100% accurate. Lidl have a label saying ‘Coolree Creamery’ on their milk. There is no such creamery,” he said.

Instead of threats and bluster, Lidl and Aldi should give an immediate commitment to discontinue this labelling strategy and display the name of the actual dairies that supply them on their labels.

In general, retailers are trying to destroy farmer-owned brands by creating their own labels. Suggesting that the milk is produced by creameries and dairies which don’t actually exist is completely misleading and we fully stand over the advert. We will not be intimidated by legal threats,” he said.

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