Increase in TAMS Investment Limit to €200,000 Important for Poultry Farms

IFA Poultry Chairman Nigel Sweetnam said the decision to increase the TAMS investment limit on poultry farms to €200,000 will help farmers upgrade their farms.

He said IFA had campaigned for the increase to better reflect the scale of investment needed on farms.

The existing limit was €80,000.

“Given the very real income difficulties on poultry farms at the moment, every support has to be made available to farmers. TAMS is an important scheme which allows farmers to improve their production system,” he said.

The IFA Poultry Chairman said he also wanted to see greater emphasis on renewable energy. “Poultry farmers could offset their energy costs if they could avail of renewable sources,” he said. “We also want the introduction of reverse metering and the simplification of terms and conditions, which would reduce costs and make our production more environmentally friendly,” he said.

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