Rural Development

Minister Must Allow for ACRES Deadline Flexibilities as Weather Conditions Play Havoc

IFA National Rural Development Committee Chair Michael Biggins has called on Minister McConalogue to extend the May 15th deadline for ACRES fencing actions and the establishment of winter bird food crop to ease some of the pressure on farmers.

Weather conditions in March and April this year have brought about heavy levels of rainfall, resulting in a delay of sowing and fencing around the country.

“March and April levels of rainfall have been well above normal levels for much of the country, making it difficult for farmers, particularly those on heavy or more marginal lands, to get crops sown or fences erected,” Michael Biggins said.

“To put it simply, farmers cannot be penalised for non-compliance for events 100% outside their control. The Minister needs to bring in some flexibilities here and extend the deadline until farmers can complete required works,” he said.

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