Farmers Who Participated in Eu Production Reduction Scheme Must Engage with Their Co-op, and Minister Creed Ensure Speedy Payment

IFA National Dairy Chairman Sean O’Leary reminded the dairy farmers who participated in the EU production reduction scheme for the October to December 2016 period that they must now return to their co-op their filled in and signed application forms for payment under the scheme by 3rd February.

He urged Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to ensure that there is no undue delay after that date in making payments to the farmers who have met the conditions of the scheme.


“While many co-ops will be sending pre-populated payment forms to farmers for them to sign and return, I would urge all farmers to engage proactively with their co-op, especially if they haven’t yet received their form, and to make sure their filled in application is returned to their co-op to by the deadline of 3rd February without fail,” Mr O’Leary said.


“Those farmers who supply more than one co-op – dual suppliers – should be especially proactive, as they will have to send the application form they get from one or other of their co-ops directly back to the Department once filled in.  They need to contact urgently one or both of the co-ops they supply to secure their form, fill it in and return it by the 3rd February deadline,” he added.


“Participants must remember that their 14.4c/l payment will decrease if they have reduced production by less than 80% of what they committed to do in their application form last September, and no payment at all will be made to anyone who reduced production by less than 20% of what they applied for,” he said.


“While farmers need to be proactive to secure their payment, it is vital that Minister Creed would ensure the Department of Agriculture pays farmers as promptly as possible after their applications has been received on 3rd February,” he concluded.



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