Beef Finishers Determined to Dig in on Cattle Prices – IFA


IFA National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said cattle finishers cannot afford to part with cattle at anything less than last week base prices of €4.20 for steers and €4.30 for heifers. He said the move by some factories to lower quotes is designed to destabilise the trade when numbers are tightening and all they are trying is to get another week’s supply at lower prices.

Henry Burns said after feeding cattle through an expensive winter, feeders are determined to hold off against any negative factory pressure on price. He said finishers are prepared to dig in and not part with stock at less than full value.

Henry Burns said the latest AIMS data from April 1st shows the number of cattle aged between 12 and 36 months are down 181,000 head compared to the same period last year. This clearly confirms that the volume of finished cattle will tighten rapidly in the weeks ahead and should be back by 120/150,000 head over the next 12 months.

In addition, Henry Burns said UK prices remain relatively strong with EBLEX reporting the R4L price at £346.80 for April 25th. He said this is equivalent to €5.07/kg and compares to our average R3 price of €4.28/kg for the same week. This is a price difference of 79c/kg or €276 per head between the Irish price and the price in our largest export market.

On live exports, Henry Burns said over 91,000 head have been live exported so far this year. He said calf exports are back only 10,000 head on last year at just over 61,000. In the last week exports totalled 6,189, of which 4,239 were calves.

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