Beef Prices Need to Rise for Winter Finishers

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods has said cattle prices need to rise a lot more in order to leave a positive return for winter finishers. At current low prices, finishers are in loss-making territory.

Angus Woods said this week factories are paying a base price of €3.95 for steers and €4.05 for heifers. He said some prices above these level have been negotiated with a base of €4.07 and €4.08 plus transport paid for heifers. He said supplies are being disrupted by the weather difficulties and some feeders close to plants that can guarantee supplies are being offered more.

The IFA Livestock leader said last week’s supply of adult cattle was just over 34,000 head and demand has also picked up well since January. He said cull cow prices were rising in the UK market reflecting the strong trade in manufacturing beef.

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