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Beef & Sheep Udpate 4th September

Sheep and Cattle in Wicklow


  • Latest Beef Price Update: 03/09/2020. Steers €3.60/3.65. Heifers €3.60/3.65. Some deals for higher available. Cows €3.00/3.50/kg. Fight hard for price.
  • Supplies. 34,999 cattle slaughtered in week 35 (24/08/2020 – 31/08/2020), of which steers were 16,851 (48%), heifers 9,314 (27%), young bulls 1,253 (4%) and cows 6,902 (20%). Total YTD slaughter is 1,155,897, a 1.8% decrease from this time last year.
  • Official Prices. Week 35 (24/08/20 – 31/08/20) Irish R3 steer prices were €84/kg incl vat. Heifers R3 €3.95/kg. Y Bulls O/R/U €3.42/€3.65/€3.78/kg. Cows O/R €3.10/3.32/kg.
  • GB Cattle Prices as Reported by AHBD. The average UK R3 steer price for last week was at £3.81/kg, equivalent to €4.26/kg
  • Official cattle prices reported to the EU Commission. Wk 35. R3 Young Bulls c/kg excl vat; EU Average €3.50/kg, Ireland (R3 Steers) €3.70/kg, Germany €3.64/kg, France €3.60/kg, Spain €3.35/kg, Austria €3.52/kg Italy €3.43/kg, Poland €3.05/kg.
  • Live Exports. 2,071 cattle were exported in the week ending 31/08/2020. 1,210 of which went to Northern Ireland.


  • IFA National Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden is encouraging farmers to apply for the Beef Finisher payment scheme without delay.
  • IFA has created a dedicated step-by-step guide to help farmers to apply to the scheme.
  • Closing date 9th September 2020.
  • Step by step guide available here.
  • Dedicated hub


  • Latest Lamb Price Update: 03/09/2020. QA lambs making €5.40/5.50 to 21.5kgs. Some deals being done for considerably more than this. Producer groups on up to €5.60. Ewes €2.65/2.90.
  • Supplies: Week 35 (24/09/2020). A total of 60,507 sheep were processed in Irish export plants. Sheep slaughterings for 2020 are 4.7% up on 2019 at 1,872,639 head.
  • Select and Sell. The advice is as always – move lambs as they become fit.
  • UK Lamb Prices. Lamb price for last week was £44/kg, which equates to €4.97/kg.
  • Live Trade: Total live exports stood at 1,835 head to the end of June 2020.
  • Select and Sell: As always, the advice is to move lambs as they become fit.
  • Imported Lambs: IFA actively pursuing the DAFM to publish statistics on lambs being imported into Ireland.

Masks Mandatory in Marts

  • The IFA are encouraging farmers to follow all Government guidelines to stay safe while trading in the mart. This includes practicing physical distancing, hand hygiene and wearing a mask in marts across the country. Wearing of face coverings is now mandatory in marts.

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