Cattle Prices Continue to Strengthen

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said cattle prices are continuing to strengthen with the base price for steers having moved up to a minimum of €4.10 all round and some prices of €4.15 to €4.20 paid.

He said heifer prices have also kicked on with a base price of €4.20 and €4.25 to €4.30 more common this week.

He said the official Department of Agriculture prices are reflecting these increases with average prices for week ending May 14th at €4.19 for steers and €4.30 for heifers.

Young bulls made an average of €4.24/4.10/3.96 for U/R/Os.
Cow prices were also strong at €3.80 for Us, €3.72 for Rs, €3.50 for Os and €3.45 for P+.

UK Price outlook

Angus Woods said the IFA met with the NFU (National Farmers Union) from England, Wales and Scotland as well as the UFU (Ulster Farmers Union) last week and the report is that the UK market is very strong with high demand and high prices. He said the UK price for steers is equivalent to €4.46/kg.

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