Cattle Prices Increase as Supplies Tighten – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said cattle prices have risen a further 5 to 10c/kg this week, with the base price for steers at €3.90/kg and €3.95/kg paid. He said the base price for heifers has also moved on to €4.00/kg and some incidences of €4.05/kg being paid.

Angus Woods said tighter numbers have left agents and factories hunting for finished stock. He said feeders needed to dig in hard and insist on further price increases, which are desperately needed to lift winter finishing out of loss making territory.

Angus Woods said young bulls are making up to €4.00/kg for Us. Cow prices have also risen 5/10c/kg with R grades now making €3.55/3.60.

Live exports

On live exports, Angus Woods said calf and weanling buyers are very active. He said for week ending March 12th live exports reached 11,707. He said 10,576 of these were calves and 694 head were adult cattle while 229 and 208 head of stores and weanlings respectively were exported.

Looking at destinations, 6,055 head of calves were exported to the Netherlands, 3,621 to Spain, 1,104 to Belgium, 630 to Northern Ireland, 189 to Italy and 108 to Great Britain.

Angus Woods said the Purcell Bros. contract to Turkey was having a positive impact at weanling sales in the marts. In addition he said the IFA work in reducing the charges on live calf exports by €1,150 per load was having a real impact in shifting calf numbers.

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